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The American legal system offers everyone accused of a crime the right to a good defense. Even the most serious of crimes committed should be defended to the full extent of the law. Sweeney Hayes can’t guarantee a particular outcome, but they can tell you that their experience, knowledge of the law and commitment to you is a guarantee.  Learn more about criminal defense.


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Business & Employment

Business law is a very specialized field. The attorneys at Sweeney Hayes have a well-established background in many aspects of business law, including contract disputes. In addition, our business law attorneys are well-equipped to handle the nuances of employment law, including wage and hour disputes, employment contracts and wrongful terminations. Learn more about business law.


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Injury & Civil Rights

When an individual’s legal rights are violated, whether by defamation of his or her character, by the infliction of emotional or physical distress, or even if and when they may be violated by the actions of another person, the legal system allows the wronged party the right to seek justice in the courts.   Learn more about physical or emotional injury law.


About Sweeney Hayes

We are Indianapolis attorneys specializing in criminal defense, civil rights, injury and employment law.

If you’ve been accused of a crime, been injured, lost your job, experienced work-place discrimination or harassment, you cannot settle for an inexperienced labor attorney. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to retain lawyers with experience and your interests in mind. You owe it to yourself to find criminal defense attorneys who are passionate, prepared and fearless in protecting your rights, reputation and freedom.” – Kathleen M. Sweeney

At Sweeney Hayes, no one stands alone.

Our Approach

The attorneys at Sweeney Hayes believe that not only are their client’s interests important, but those closest to the client need to be cared for as well. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that every client is educated and well-versed on their own case and understands the defense process from the very beginning to its conclusion. 

We do things differently at Sweeney Hayes. Our holistic approach takes into account the people left behind when a family member goes to jail. Whether you need a Personal Injury lawyer, Criminal, or Labor attorney, we will assist with counseling, locating financial resources and a variety of other services a family may need to get them through this difficult time. 


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